Our Philosophy

by Greg and Donna

All living things are made up of energy. Although this energy cannot be destroyed it can become out of balance. This imbalance can create a multitude of difficulties.
It is our belief that we have four main aspects, these are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Balance in each aspect is essential in order to have a healthy life experience. When any one aspect is out of balance we can experience a negative consequence. This can take the form of an illness, an addiction, a lack of abundance, relationship problems and any and all of the ills that plague mankind.
What this means in a practical sense is that if we can balance the energy we may be able to heal the dysfunction or the disease. Though we may be aware of the area of our life that is out of balance, we may not be able to determine which of the four aspects is underlying the problem. A physician may diagnose a physical problem, a psychologist an emotional or mental imbalance and a spiritual advisor may say it must stem from a spiritual misconception. It is possible to have a problem that stems from an imbalance in all four areas. So where does one begin?
Enter Reiki. Reiki energy appears to have a wisdom that can determine exactly what area of our being needs attention. The result of treating with Reiki may be an immediate healing of the condition without us ever consciously knowing where the problem was rooted, or guidance may come that directs us as to how to heal. Undoubtedly some may view this as a spiritual solution but it is not necessary to view it in this manner in order for the Reiki energy to work.
Healing in the highest sense of the word means having inner peace and serenity. One may have a complete healing and still have the condition or the disease. What is important to remember is that we always have a choice, to accept a path to healing or remain in the dis-ease. We are responsible for our choices and therefore our healing.
If you choose to accept this responsibility, Reiki can be the gateway to a way of life that is happy, healthy, joyous and free.