Sound Healing Tables also called Vibracoustics Tables

All the great features of our regular Massage Tables but with the added benefits of experiencing Vibrational Sound Healing. Specially designed with 4 transducer base shaker speakers mounted on the underside of the massage table. The transducers are placed to receive in stereo and allow the person to feel the music being played through the table. Healing therapies such as healing touch, massage, reiki, reflexology and many others are enhanced while the sound is delivered through the portable sound healing table.

What is sound healing?

Everything in the Universe is energy. All energy is movement, all movement is vibration and all vibration is sound. Therefore molecules, cells, tissues, bones and organs all have their own unique sounds. The vibrational sounds of a healthy body are in tune, whereas an unhealthy body has become out of tune. Like a tuning fork for a piano the sound healing table will restore the body to it optimum attunement. Modern science accepts that thoughts are things; therefore our thoughts can also be healed by sound attunement. The healing of the future will be done by sound…..Edgar Cayce

Personal Experiences

I suffered neck and back pain due to a car accident.
The relief I got with the sound healing treatments
was amazing.

Virtually everyone of my Reiki clients reported
that treatments were greatly enhanced with the
addition of the Sound Healing Table. Plants in my
treatment room responded incredibly.

Aging effected my sleep patterns, often resulting
in an inability to fall asleep or waking up after only
3 or 4 hours. One 30 minute treatment using the CD
for enhanced sleep resulted in uninterrupted
sleep and a recollection of profound dreams.

The Sound Healing Table - $1995.00 (Includes: table, stereo equipment, headphones and CD’s plus instruction and technical support).

More on Sound Healing

Everything vibrates, including us. Since everything vibrates at its own unique frequency, we humans also have own unique frequency, or rate of vibration. We perceive vibration in three ways... Kinesthetically (through our bodies), auditorily (through our ears) and visually (through our eyes). What we perceive through our ears is a range of vibrations, from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz which we call sound. We may not hear frequencies below 20 Hz, but we can feel them. The use of low sound frequencies to assist the body to heal itself is based upon studies performed on dolphins. Dolphins are very vocal creatures except when one of their members is sick or injured. The Dolphins will form a circle around the sick dolphin and appear to be quiet. Scientists didn't understand what was happening until the advent of more sophisticated sound recording instrumentation. With this more advanced technology they discovered that the dolphins were sending low frequencies (below the range of normal human hearing) to the injured dolphin, for healing purposes. Cats are another example of how nature uses low frequencies for healing. Cats' purrs fall in the range of 24 - 50 Hz. Research has found that this range of frequencies is useful in promoting bone growth, bone density, pain relief, swelling reduction, wound healing, muscle growth and repair, tendon repair, joint mobility and so on. Ask anyone who has a green-thumb how house and garden plants respond to loving vibrations. Soothing low sound frequencies, when delivered to the body, are conducted by the bones. The water in tissues and cells will resonate -you could say we were giving ourselves an internal massage. When we hear strange and threatening sounds, or noise, our bodies go on 'alert'... the adrenal glands secrete adrenaline and we are poised for 'fight or flight'. If the sound is identified as being familiar and comforting, the adrenals relax. The droning sound, in effect, becomes familiar. What this means is that the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system have a chance to come into balance. As a result, stress will dissipate and we heal physically, emotionally, mentally and ultimately spiritually. Please click here to view our philosophy

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